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Fabulous Winter Cabins That Make You Want To Get Away









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Mesa Ocean`s Edge por Tyson Atwell / Ocean´s Edge Table by Tyson Atwell

One of a kind! Love this table!

Cenário 3D

O artista e designer americano Tyson Atwell criou a mesa Ocean´s Edge.

American artist and designer Tyson Atwell has created the Ocean´s Edge Table.

O designer, que é fascinado pela natureza e por surfe, criou a mesa Ocean´s Edge usando técnicas de modelagem CAD e uma máquina de corte controlada por computador para esculpir os contornos da Baía de San Francisco no centro da mesa. A peça tem linhas limpas e esculturais e vai bem em interiores de vários estilos. O que vocês acharam da mesa? Vamos comentar!

The designer who is fascinated by nature and surfing, has created the Ocean´s Edge table using CAD modeling techniques and a computer controlled trimming machine to sculpt the contours of the San Francisco Bay in the center of the table. The piece has clean and sculptural lines and goes well in interiors of various styles. What did you think of the table? Let´s…

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An Attractive Begining..


#engraved front doors!

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A Girls Dream Bath!

Can you say mirrors? 🙂 This clean white and vanilla colored bathroom is perfect! Dual sinks (so it doesn’t matter how much make-up you spill ;)), mirrors -even behind the wood casing of the drawers and doors!-, granite and a pink Orchid to top it all off.  Doesn’t get more dreamy than this!

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Trend Alert!


Have you seen these Zenza Lights from Plumo? Well I bet you didn’t know that these little beauties were hand made in Egypt and baked in the sand!!! Don’t mind if I do! 🙂

I would stop in my tracks if i saw these in a home. They are so unique and creative! Also, baked in the sand?? Gotta have! Love these!

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Must-Have Hammock!

Prepare for love at first sight! The WAVE by Royal Botania is certainly a show stopper! Its unique and up-to-the-minute design, gives this “hammock” the illusion its floating.  Can you imagine relaxing in this?  The  ultramodern WAVE has some serious poolside-worthy curves that everyone should get in on! Check it out:


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Glamping Anyone?


Look at this awesome house! Definitely not what I would expect to come across in the woods but, hey, I’d stay there! Love, love all the windows in the front! Hopefully they’re facing a lake! Can you imagine that view? …. Do you like this house?

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