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MUST Have ‘Happy Accident’ Pillow from….

I L-O-V-E this ‘Happy Accident’ pillow by Kii Arens. It is a beautiful, beautiful accident! Why we love this pillow? It’s bold, it’s trendy, it’s saucy, lovable and it’s bound to be your main attraction!! And for $37… It’s a steel for sure!




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Black & Silver The New Black & White?

Is black and silver the new black and white? Well, if your a ‘classic-lover’ (like myself), in search for a trendy alternative it just might be! Such a great way to mix it up, you can likely substitute any ‘white’ for silver in any black and white color scheme. Much like black and white, black and silver can be dressed up with many colors such as other metallics or bright colors to bring different feels and personality to your room(s). It also may work well with what you currently have too (bonus!). Another great thing, you can implement as much or as little as you want to give your room some sparkle or a more modern feel. So much flexibility! Give it a go and let me know!


Check out some ideas below:


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Mesa Ocean`s Edge por Tyson Atwell / Ocean´s Edge Table by Tyson Atwell

One of a kind! Love this table!

Cenário 3D

O artista e designer americano Tyson Atwell criou a mesa Ocean´s Edge.

American artist and designer Tyson Atwell has created the Ocean´s Edge Table.

O designer, que é fascinado pela natureza e por surfe, criou a mesa Ocean´s Edge usando técnicas de modelagem CAD e uma máquina de corte controlada por computador para esculpir os contornos da Baía de San Francisco no centro da mesa. A peça tem linhas limpas e esculturais e vai bem em interiores de vários estilos. O que vocês acharam da mesa? Vamos comentar!

The designer who is fascinated by nature and surfing, has created the Ocean´s Edge table using CAD modeling techniques and a computer controlled trimming machine to sculpt the contours of the San Francisco Bay in the center of the table. The piece has clean and sculptural lines and goes well in interiors of various styles. What did you think of the table? Let´s…

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Decorative Stairs

Oh my goodness! What a great idea!!! Decorating the fronts of your stairs! You could do oh so many designs and colors with this. Amazing!!


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A Few Of My Favs From Pinterest

Love the romantic setting! The white furniture and glass table are soooo great because you have the flexibility to mix up the color schemes!


These are popping up all over the place! Such a great alternative to the ‘norm’ porch swing and a major upgrade! 🙂


Beautiful penthouse interior! Plenty of light and color contrast. I love this daybed too! Gives this bath such a relaxing atmosphere.


REALLY my fav!! So peaceful, all white, with double glass doors that open up to a pool. Heaven! Don’t you think?

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This room is so peaceful and simple yet modern. LOVE IT!


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