Villa Colani, Majorca,… A Spanish Dream!

Oh. My. Goodness!!! I could sit and stare at this beautiful masterpiece ALL DAY! I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible this [house?] is! We need more bold, unique, creative and culture rich artistic homes on this planet. We really do! And Villa Colani is just that.

The Villa Colani exudes and incorporates a rich artistic design, Mediterranean cultural influences and of course a love for the home! Its blue and gold colors will never go out of style. Which is great because this beauty has plenty of color to offer!! Rich yellow exterior, white railings, ocean blue pillars and gold accents and art all over! 🙂 The vibrancy and energy of this home has me inspired forever!… As a real home should!

I am a huge fan of bold trends that incorporate cultural influences. It brings out life and passion in the home! Bringing out the life and passion in your home helps inspire and create good energy and a positive environment. Which, let’s face it, we’ll all take that!! 🙂








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