DIY: Dream Breakfast Nook


Ok, this is one of the most fabulous places to eat breakfast that I can think of! Especially because you can recreate this look in your own home on a small or large scale. I’ve researched the web to find out where we can get some of the key pieces in this room! (Yay!!) So sit tight and read on!

Starting off with the center piece bowl, because there is nothing like a classic bowl of lemons! I found two options for you depending on your taste and what you want to spend – I’m going to provide two options for almost everything. White bowl: Pier One has an white, Embossed Floral Platter (which is currently on sale –, for $24.98. The Pottery Barn has the Emma Serving Platters (round- made in Portugal, for $39. I will note that I found some cute alternatives at Target for a steel but not as close in design. VERY cute though! Check out the Basic White Scallop Collection Bowl ( For the beautiful chairs, I founds some that match pretty closely to those in this picture at The Curved Leather Chair in Ivory, starting at $299.00 each. I also found the Clarkside Chair for $119, at For the glass dinning table, I found the Strut 70″ Work Table, $799 at This is not an exact match but, the dark legs would tie in nicely. For the back board on the dining nook bench, you could certainly try and make this by yourself by finding some wood, stapling or pining a cushion on it and upholstering it with a fabric of your choice. If you want a little easier route my suggestion would be to purchase an upholstered headboard for a bed and use that. You can reupholster it if you want a different color, fabric or design. You could also use a winged headboard, to add more character! has leather and cotton options starting from $399.00. Upholstered headboards are popping up on almost any home furniture website I visit so there is a variety of companies to choose from! I like West Elm because its trendy and modern. Its also a more reasonable priced option to the Pottery Barn. For the bench there are a couple way of how you could do this. You could use an upholstered bench in a studded accent(to possibly match the chairs?) or a patterned material such as the Essex Printed Bench by West Elm, starting at $299. You can also find upholstered benches with removable tops that can also be used for storage(bonus)! You can also find wood benches(which can also have storage) starting at just $199( like the Chesapeake Dining Bench, To go with the theme of this room you will want to get a cushion for that bench! Some benches will come with cushions, some not. Or you can choose to have one custom made(prices will vary). The pillows; Pier One has great pillows and so does the Pottery Barn. However, I found my crushed satin pillows at good ol’ Fred Meyer’s for $7 each. Thats a pretty good deal to me! Now, I found my on sale(it seems they are regularly on sale), but if they aren’t on sale I think they run approximately $10-$12 each. Still not to shabby and they have a pretty good variety of materials and patterns! For the Chandelier I found two options at The first is the Chrome Finish Ribbed Glass Lantern Chandelier for $183.99. The second is the Antique Copper Finish Glass Lantern Chandelier at $151.99. For the curtain hardware I recommend checking as well.

Being that this will be an eye-catching, exciting part of your home, I opted to use mainly reputable, higher quality names of the furniture world. This is a statement room, you don’t want to cut corners where you shouldn’t(i.e. furniture – or maybe you’re lucky and you know a great carpenter!!). But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to save where can(i.e. center piece bowl, curtain rod, chandelier). The color scheme and feel of this room is light and airy. You can choose to stay with the light and airy by sticking with whites, tans and light blues. If you love this room too, but have an appreciation for a warmer sensation you can switch out some of the whites(wood legs on the table, bench, bowl and even floors) for a wood color of your choice. It will also go nicely with the tans and light blues. Which ever you choose, … Trust me! Your friends and family will definitely look forward to coming over to eat with the opportunity to dine in a room like this! 🙂

What do you think? I want to know! 🙂

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